Company Policy

As a transportation service company that grows and evolves through excellent service, PT Blue Bird Tbk recognizes that customer demands are not static and will continue to change. Therefore, PT Blue Bird Tbk will continuously strive to improve systems and technology to enhance customer satisfaction.

In addition to committing to continuously improving customer satisfaction, PT Blue Bird Tbk also commits to preserving the environment by actively reducing carbon emission & waste, creating a healthy and safe work environment, safeguarding information security and personal data, and establishing a good corporate governance system for the long-term sustainability and benefit of the Company for all stakeholders.

To achieve these objectives, PT Blue Bird Tbk is committed to:

  1. Compliance with all relevant regulations (ISO 9001:2015); Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) (ISO 45001:2018); Environmental (ISO 14001:2015); information security (customer data, employee data, driver-partner data, vendor data comprehensively) by ISO 27001:2022 implementation, as well as other relevant regulations related to Company business operations.
  2. Continuously monitoring internal, and external issues, expectations, and demands of related parties and taking actions to meet them.
  3. Implementing risk management in all processes and business plans, to eliminate or reduce risks and capture future opportunities.
  4. Implementing a Business Continuity Plan, a strategic guideline to assist the Company in maintaining and continuing business functions during disruptions.
  5. Continuously striving for improvement efforts, through innovative human resources and the application of the latest technology.


This policy is established and adopted for all levels of management, employees, and business partners, and is periodically reviewed for improvement and refinement of the Company's management system.