Message from The Founder

Ibu Mutiara Djokosoetono, SH

Founder of Bluebird Group

Honoring the late Ibu Mutiara Siti Fatimah Djokosoetono, the Founder of Bluebird


Bluebird came into being in 1972 thanks to a remarkable woman, who from the company’s very inception was the heart of the idealism that underpins its continuity.

Her name was Mutiara Siti Fatimah Djokosoetono, or Bu Djoko as we know her. Bu Djoko was a simple woman who faced her share of limitations in life. She founded Bluebird under difficult circumstances. When her husband, the late Prof. Djokosoetono died, she was forced to make ends meet, particularly for the education of her children.

The importance of education was never something to be argued about for Bu Djoko. “The greatest wealth in people’s lives is cleverness because it cannot be lost or stolen,” she said.

She was inspired to choose the name Bluebird from the European folk tale “Bird of Happiness”. She established Bluebird with all her heart, assisted by her sons, Chandra Suharto and Purnomo Prawiro who also strove to create a better life. Bu Djoko’s story of endeavour and her example has deeply influenced all of us as Bluebird continues to serve the Indonesian nation.

“Those who are in difficult circumstances or face a heavy challenge are the esteemed people who God entrusts to survive, to be fortified by this,” Bu Djoko stated. “They are trained to find a way out and escape difficulty. Such people will always occupy their lives by continuing to endeavour. They have great capacity for success.”

Not all great companies can survive and maintain their success. There are absolute values that are the key to the success of Bluebird. It developed because of the noble values instilled by Bu Djoko and preserved through the legacy of a never easy struggle. Those values are the sense of caring, integrity, prime services and an unrelenting growth mindset.

“We’re no ordinary taxi company. We’re a taxi armada that provides exceptional extra service,” Bu Djoko said. “The good credibility that we build today is our future.”

The taxi business requires a heartfelt touch; a service business that takes refined capabilities to be able to serve outstandingly well. Bu Djoko thoroughly understood that this professionalism founded on excellent service and responsibility could not be expressed through mere words. In leading the company, she held to the principle of, “an iron fist in a velvet glove”.

Bu Djoko was a mother, grandmother and leader whose lasting legacy of values, knowledge and experience have brought Bluebird to create Setiap Kilometer Berarti (Every Kilometer Counts).

Brigjen Pol (P) Dr. H. KRH Chandra Suharto, MBA, SpJp

dr. H. Purnomo Prawiro

Co-Founder of Bluebird Group

Co-Founder of Bluebird Group

Our business was built on the dream of creating memorable journey for everyone through our purpose by Sharing Happiness in Building The Nation. Like the name, Bluebird, that was inspired by the European folklore about a girl & a bluebird that endlessly try to reach happiness, our family has done the our best to reach our goals.
Along with the growing numbers of the family member and the educational cost that keeps rising, like a miracle, a business that started with only two taxis could thrive & grow. Of course integrity, hard work, discipline and family values supported the achievements. We always encourage every individual, despite the position, to always innovate and give our customers the excellent services. 
Bluebird pursue to always relevant with the changes of times, thus we strengthen our competencies in all fields of businesses. We also realize that our success is a blessing from God and in order to pay it forward, we commit to drive our mobility service along with sustainability to create bigger impact to Indonesia. 
As the sons of Ibu Mutiara Djokosoetono, the late Chandra Suharto served as the President Commisioner of Bluebird in 2001 - 2010, while Purnomo Prawiro held the position of President Director in 2000 - 2019 and advisor until now.