Purpose & Values

Company Purpose

The name ‘Bluebird’ was inspired by a European folktale which means ‘Bird of Happiness’, and has further inspired the company purpose: Sharing Happiness in Building the Nation.

Company Values


As part of Bluebird, we wholeheartedly carry out the values of being a family, having empathy, caring for others, and especially taking care of the environment.


We always value honesty. We believe that honesty is the key to success, as taught by our late founder; Ibu Mutiara Siti Fatimah Djokosoetono. In addition, it is also reflected in our way of working, by relying on transparency, discipline, hard work, and taking accountability.

Service Excellence

We aim to deliver excellent customer experience and satisfaction. At Bluebird, we are committed to service excellence by focusing on high-quality work, a reliable workforce, and operational excellence. We also value our customer's needs by listening, serving, accompanying, and innovating wholeheartedly.

Growth Mindset

We are determined to provide and give our best for all of our stakeholders, by working with agility, precision, creativity, and innovation. We use our rich past experiences to navigate through challenges and face the uncertain future together.