Using Bank Saqu's QRIS at Bluebird will get you a cashback of Rp 10,000.

Published On 01 Jun 2024

Period: 1-24 June 2024

Terms and conditions:
  1. Get a cashback of Rp10,000 with a minimum transaction of IDR 25,000
  2. Only valid for User Aplikasi Bank Saqu by PT Bank Jasa Jakarta
  3. Promo period 1-24 June 2024
  4. Valid every day during the promo period.
  5. Only valid for Bluebird and Silverbird services.
  6. The promo is valid with no minimum transaction.
  7. Promo is valid for 1 (one) transactions per user per week during the promo period with a maximum of 2 (two) transactions per month.
  8. Promo is valid for a maximum of the first 200 transactions per month during the promo period
  9. Cashback will be given in the form of Bank Reward Balance directly
  10. Promo is not valid for multiples and cannot be combined with other promos
  11. User rights can be revoked if actions deemed to be misuse, fraud or other suspicious transactions are discovered.

Additional Terms & Conditions:

  • Bluebird reserves the right to change or stop the promotion at any time without prior notice.
  • Your access to or use of the promotion is a form of your agreement to comply with the terms, conditions, and purposes of providing the promotion set by Bluebird.
  • You will not abuse, duplicate, monetize, transfer, use for commercial purposes or take unfair advantage of this Promotion in any form or manner.
  • We may suspend your MyBluebird account temporarily or permanently without obtaining prior approval from or giving you prior notice, if:
    • Bluebird knows or with reasonable grounds to suspect that things have occurred which in Bluebird's view have been or could be detrimental to Bluebird, you, or any other party.
    • Bluebird knows or reasonably suspects that you have registered or logged in to multiple Accounts on one device for the purpose of violating these Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or applicable laws and regulations.
    • Bluebird detects an inappropriate action from the use of your Account or an obligation under these Terms and Conditions, and/or the Privacy Policy that you have not complied with.
Information and inquiries contact:
WhatsApp Ask Bebi 08111 7941234
Phone: (021) 7971245
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