MyBluebird Subscription - FAQ

  • MyBluebird Subscription FAQ:
    1. What is a subscription service?​
      • The subscription program is one of the marketing initiatives that helps retain customers by providing MyBluebird users with a bundling package consisting of Bluebird services such as Bluebird send, Bluebird fixed price and Silverbird at attractive and profitable prices for users

    2. How do I access my subscription plan?​
      • Go to the Promo menu on the Homepage of the MyBluebird application, then click Subscriptions
      • ​Go to the Account menu on the Homepage of the MyBluebird application, then click My Subscriptions

    3. How do I purchase a subscription package?​
      1. In the application Home section, click the Promo Menu
      2. In the Subscription section,​ Click on the available package​
      3. View benefits and terms & conditions. Then click buy​
      4. Select a payment method and click Pay​
      5. View Billing Details for the package that has been purchased

    4. How do I use the subscription package?​
      1. Enter the pick up point and destination point, click continue
      2. If you have already subscribed, click Order Bluebird
      3. If you haven't subscribed yet, click the banner to purchase a package
      4. On the subscription tab in the Promo menu, click on the subscription package you want to purchase

    5. Can I renew my subscription package?​
      1. No, you cannot renew or extend your subscription package because the packages offered are based on purchase
      2. If you want to continue subscribing, please purchase another available subscription package on the Promo page then click Subscribe

    6. Can I cancel my subscription package?​
      • No, you cannot cancel a subscription package that you have purchased

    7. Why can't my subscription package be used?​
      • Subscription packages cannot be used if the package validity period has expired or does not meet the specified package criteria
      • If you see a red notification logo like the image below, check again whether you are entitled to use the subscription package by checking:
        1. Payment method
        2. Applicable service type
        3. Validity period and maximum usage amount of the subscription package

    8. Why doesn't my subscription package reduce the price of my order?
      1. Please ensure that you understand all the terms and conditions of the subscription package. Subscription packages that do not reduce the order price can be due to several causes, for example system problems and other disturbances
      2. Tell us about your complaint by calling ​(021) 7971245|

    9. How do I view the subscriptions I have purchased?
      1. After you purchase a subscription package, the appropriate voucher will be immediately attached to the order confirmation page
      2. Or you can view the subscription package that you have purchased on the Subscriptions page then click My Subscriptions
        Meanwhile, for other subscription packages, you can check your Account then click My Subscriptions
    10. How do I see expired subscriptionsJ?​
      1. You can view expired subscription packages on the History page via the "Account" menu on the MyBluebird Homepage, then selec
      2. "My Subscriptions" or via the "Promo" menu then select the "Subscriptions" tab and click the Play button

    11. Can I replace my subscription with a promo code?
      • Yes, you can replace your subscription with a promo code
      • Here's how to change your subscription:
        1. ​Click on the subscription voucher that has been installed
        2. Click the enter promo code section
        3. Add promo code
        4. Click Yes, change to change to promo, click cancel to cancel changes

    12. Why do my family/friends get different subscription packages to me?
      • You get a different package from your friends because the subscription package consists of a general offer package and an offer package based on unique daily needs and habits of each user​

    13. What happens if I don't use the subscription package that I purchased?​
      • If you do not use the subscription package until the package validity period ends, the vouchers will expire and you will not be able to use them again

    14. Will I earn points for EzPoints when purchasing a subscription?
      • No, Ezpoints will not be awarded for purchasing subscription packages

    15. What happens if I terminate an active subscription package?​
      • You cannot terminate an active subscription package

    16. Do subscription packages renew automatically?​
      • No, subscription packages cannot be renewed automatically
      • You must buy a package first if you want to use the subscription package again