EZPoint - FAQs

MyBluebird EZPoint FAQs:

  1. What is EZPoint?
    • EZPoint is a customer loyalty program offered by the Bluebird group to its customers

  2. What are EZPoint levels?
    • There are 4 levels of status on EZPoint, namely:
      • Explorer
      • Travelers
      • Voyager
      • Elite

  3. How do I know my EZPoint level?
    • You can find out the EZPoint level in MyBluebird application main menu

  4. How can I upgrade my EZPoint membership status?
    • You can level up as a member if you accumulate EZPoints on the MyBluebird application with the following amounts within 6 (six) months:
      • Explorer: 0 EZPoint
      • Travelers: 15,000 EZPoint
      • Voyager: 50,000 EZPoint
      • Elite : 150,000 EZPoint

  5. Can EZPoint member status also go down?
    • You can level down if your EZPoints are not maintained or increased to a certain level within 6 months from the last transaction you made

  6. What should I do if my EZPoints level down?
    • You can increase your EZPoint level by increasing transaction activity on MyBluebird or participating in Bluebird Group promotional activities according to the terms and conditions that apply to increase your EZPoint level and maintain it at the highest level

  7. How can I earn EZPoints?
    • You can earn EZPoints in a number of ways, including:
      • Legal transactions and successful status made through MyBluebird (Ordering taxis and other Bluebird Group services on the MyBluebird application)
      • EZPoint bonus from certain product transactions (example of launching a new service)
      • EZPoint bonus from transactions during special events (such as Bluebird Anniversary and other events organized by Bluebird Group with terms and conditions that apply)
      • EZPoint bonuses from activities carried out by members (for example completing member profiles on MyBluebird, registering members when there are special promotions, participating in Bluebird Group activities such as customer surveys, Bluebird Group social media activities and others)

  8. How long is EZPoint valid for?
    • The active period of Bluebird EZPoint is up to 1 year after you receive the points

  9. How can I see how many EZPoints I have?
    • You can check the number of EZPoints you currently have, by following these steps:
      • Enter the MyBluebird application with the original account that is active and you use it
      • On the main menu / start menu. You can immediately see the EZPoint section
      • You can click on the EZPoint section to see more detailed data regarding your EZPoint

  10. What can my EZPoint be used for?
    • You can use the EZPoints that you have collected to exchange vouchers and prizes available on MyBluebird

  11. Are EZPoints cashable?
    • EZPoints cannot be cashed out in any way

  12. Can I exchange EZPoints for vouchers in the gift catalog?
    • The EZPoint that you have can be exchanged for various Reward Vouchers provided by MyBluebird as long as there is availability and in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply

  13. How do I find out the status of my EZPoint?
    • You can see it in the MyBluebird application in the "Account" section or click on the "EZPoint" section on the main menu

  14. If I don't verify my mobile number, what will happen to my point and tier?
    • If you already have an account, your EZPoint will not be lost. However, EZPoint can only be used after you verify your mobile number. You need to remember that the active period of EZPoint will still follow the date previously set

  15. If I change mobile number, what will happen to my points and tier?
    • You can still change your mobile number without losing your EZPoint and tier. If you use the same mobile number on Bluebird, your EZPoint will be merged and your tier will be adjusted to the highest

  16. What are the benefits of redeeming Bluebird EZPoint?
    • There are various benefits that you can enjoy, namely:
      • Redeem points with Deals in the Bluebird Rewards catalog
      • Get special promos and special discounts
  17. How to use vouchers from Bluebird EZPoint?
    • You can use Bluebird vouchers on the Payment page when making transactions. You don't need to enter the voucher code manually because the voucher is automatically saved in your account and can be used immediately by selecting the available voucher on the payment page. Your total payment will be deducted automatically after you choose a voucher

  18. Can shopping vouchers from Bluebird EZPoint be combined with other vouchers?
    • Bluebird vouchers from Bluebird EZPoint redemption cannot be combined with other vouchers and promos according to the terms and conditions that apply

  19. What will happen if I tap/click “Redeem Points”, but don't complete the transaction?
    • As long as you have not made a payment, the EZPoint will be automatically returned to your account, after the order has expired

  20. Can Bluebird EZPoint be used for shopping outside of the MyBluebird application?
    1. EZPoint cannot be cashed out or transferred to other accounts and cannot be used outside of the MyBluebird application