EZPoint - General Info

MyBluebird EZPoint is a customer loyalty program offered by the Bluebird group to customers of Bluebird Group services that are available on MyBluebird application.

EZPoint can be earned from every transaction on MyBluebird and can be collected and then exchanged for various prizes! Want to know more? We got you covered! Below are all the general information that you need to know about MyBluebird EZPoint:

  1. What are EZPoint Tier/Level?
    • There are 4 Tier/Levels of status on EZPoint, namely:
      • Explorer
      • Traveler
      • Voyagers
      • Elite

  2. Illustration of the number of points that will be obtained with a nominal transaction of IDR 1,000

    : Bebi is a new MyBluebird user and he is in Tier Explorer because he doesn't have EZPoint at all. Bebi uses the Bluebird service from A to B with a total transaction of IDR 100,000. So Bebi gets 600 EZPoint (Rp 100,000 / 1000 * 6 = 600)

  3. Nominal discounts or any type of promo that reduce the cost of Fares/Argos are not counted as EZPoint amounts

    Example: Bebi is a MyBluebird user with EZPoint Explorer Tier. Bebi traveled from A to B with a total transaction of IDR 150,000, but Bebi used a discount promo code with a nominal value of IDR 50,000 on this trip.

    At the end of the trip, Bebi must pay a total fare of:
    IDR 150,000 - IDR 50,000 (Discounts from promo discounts) = IDR 100,000.

    So, the EZPoint that Bebi gets is 600 (IDR 100,000 / 1000 * 6 = 600)

  4. How many EZPoints do you need to level up and keep it?

    • Your Tier/Level does not depend on the point balance you have
      • Example: You have 75,000 EZPoints and then you exchange them for vouchers until your EZPoints remain 0. However, your Tier/Level Status will remain on Voyager
    • EZPoint Tier/Level depends on the number of points collected during a certain period (6 months)
    • Tier validity period is 6 months from each level change (Level up / Maintain level / Level down)

  5. If you are a new user (Register after July 28, 2023) and have verified your account, you will get "Welcome EZPoint" automatically into your account

  6. Accounts that have registered and verified accounts before July 28, 2023 will not get "Welcome EZPoint"

  7. EZPoint will be recorded and accumulated from August 7, 2023 for all MyBluebird users

  8. Your EZPoint account Tier/Level will be determined based on the accumulated results of your transactions using MyBluebird from August 2022 - August 2023

  9. User need to update their MyBluebird application to at least version 6.4 (or above 6.4) to enjoy the EZPoint program

  10. EZPoint does not apply to Bluebird dispatchers. All transactions made by Bluebird dispatchers to assist users in ordering Bluebird services will not earn EZPoints

MyBluebird EZPoint - Mission FAQs:

  1. What is EZPoint Mission
    • A feature where you can carry out available missions to get prizes in the form of EZPoints which can be exchanged for prizes and vouchers available on the MyBluebird application according to the terms and conditions that apply

  2. What are the EZPoint mission requirements?
    • You must have a verified MyBluebird account first. Don't forget to click "Start" to start the mission you choose

  3. Where can I find EZPoint Mission?
    • You can find the EZPoint Mission feature on the EZPoint page which you can access by:
      1. Click the EZPoint menu on the main page
      2. Click "Missions"
      3. Choose the mission you want
  4. Where can I find the terms and conditions for EZPoint Mission?
    • On each Mission page that you choose, there will be terms and conditions for completing the EZPoint Mission

  5. Does EZPoint Mission have a time period?
    • Yes, EZPoint Mission time periods can vary

  6. What is the reward for completing the EZPoint Mission?
    • The prizes you get for completing EZPoint Missions are EZPoints that you can collect and exchange for Vouchers and other prizes available on the MyBluebird application in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply

  7. What is prohibited in EZPoint Mission?
    • Users who commit fraud in completing the EZPoint Mission will not get a prize (EZPoint) from that mission

  8. Why can't I participate in EZPoint Missions or get prizes (EZPoints)?
    • Users who violate the MyBluebird terms & conditions will not be able to participate in EZPoint or claim rewards when completing EZPoint Missions

  9. Where can I see the progress or status of a mission I'm taking on?
    • You can see all the status of the missions you take on the EZPoint Mission page

  10. How long does it take for the EZPoints from the missions I completed to arrive in my account?
    • EZPoints from the missions you complete will go directly to your account as long as availability exists and complete them within the time limit and terms and conditions of the mission

  11. Will my EZPoint expire if i don't use it?
    • EZPoint Rewards will expire if you don't use it before the exipration date

  12. Can EZPoint Rewards be cashed or used outside the MyBluebird application?
    • EZPoint Rewards cannot be cashed out in any way and cannot be used outside the MyBluebird application

  13. What is Double EZPoint? 
    • Double EZPoint is a program that is only activated at certain moments and in limited time. The EZPoints earned by the user will be multiplied by 2 (Example: 1,000 EZPoint x 2 = 2,000 EZPoint) on every transaction using MyBluebird
    • This calculation applies to every transaction on MyBluebird
    • Valid for all levels of Bluebird EZPoint membership
    • Promo period only on Saturdays and Sundays (until 26 November 2023)
    • Valid for ordering Bluebird, Silverbird and Goldenbird services via the MyBluebird Apps application
    • Double EZPoints will be automatically added to your account no longer than 1x24 hours
    • Double EZPoints or EZPoint program itself is not applied for Bluebird dispatchers. All transactions made by Bluebird dispatchers to help users book Bluebird services will not earn EZPoints

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